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2023 Boart Longyear LS450

2023 Boart Longyear LS450

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Hydraulic over hydraulic controls at the panel

200-horsepower x tier-5 Cummins power

50K head developing 0-150 Hz and 50,000-pounds of output force

Operates anywhere between vertical and horizontal

All heads are manufactured, tested, exchanged and repaired in Salt Lake City

Hydraulic double rod clamp with rotating make & break

Opens up to accept 12-inch OD casing and closes down to grab 3.5-inch drill rods

Casing & rod loader for up to 12-inch OD x 10-foot casing and 3.5-inch OD x 10-foot drill rods

Sonic head tilt to the right for sample discharge to the helper’s side

Sonic head off-hole slide to the right – allows access to the bore hole with jib boom hoist

Full-swivel jib boom hoist and hydraulic extension arm for handling heavy loads around the work area

All mounted on 24-inch-wide x rubber tracks for 4.0 psi ground pressure

Travel height of less than 10-feet

Travel width of less than 8-feet

Estimated travel weight of 30,000-pounds

Standard working height of 26-feet with 13-foot feed stroke and 10-foot tooling

Optional – interchangeable mast & feed frame assembly with 13.5-foot working height and 7-foot feed stroke

Vertical mast dump (slide) to help keep the double hydraulic rod clamp close to the ground at an angle or to allow ground clearance for a drill-through mud pan on sites that require recirculation  


In-out slidebase

140-pound SPT automatic hammer

Double-hinged safety cage

Bredel hose style mud pump for the chunky stuff

FMC (John Bean) W1122 piston style water pump producing 53 gpm and 1,000 psi

Smaller water pump options available

Portable mud mixer

Built-in welder and generator

Three 36-inch stroke hydraulic stabilizing jacks

2023 Boart Longyear LS450
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