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Welcome to Greene

a company deeply rooted in 175 years of drilling excellence across various industries, including environmental, geotechnical, water well, foundation, exploration, and oil and gas. As a subsidiary of H.A.D., Inc., based in Rittman, Ohio, we are thrilled to share our extensive experience with you.

Although the drill rig rental business is a new venture for us, our heritage as a fourth-generation drilling contractor runs deep. Our journey began in 1959 when visionary, Robert A. Hatfield, embarked on drilling water wells using a Cyclone Model 40 cable tool drill. Alongside his four sons, Gene, Bill, Robert, and John, Robert tirelessly drilled countless water wells and Berea wells. Despite the demands of the farm and his job at Morton Salt, Robert dedicated his evenings to pursuing his passion for drilling. However, as time went on, the rig sat idle due to Robert's increasing workload and the demands of the farm. In 1975, John Hatfield, after graduating High School in 1971 and marrying his high school sweetheart, Dianna, borrowed the rig to drill his own well.

Why Choose Us?

Field Expertise: Speak directly with knowledgeable staff with over 250+ years of collective drilling experience within our family-owned business.

Personalized Service: As a small, family-operated company, your satisfaction matters deeply to us. This isn't just a job to us, it's our way of life for our family.

Quality Assurance: Our modern fleet undergoes rigorous inspections before each use, ensuring superior performance and reliability. Count on us to stand behind our equipment, guaranteeing quality or making it right for you.

In 1977 fate intervened...

In 1977, fate intervened when John crossed paths with an individual from the local Ingersoll Rand. Fueled by ambition, John scraped together every spare dollar and borrowed as much as possible to make a $15,000 down payment, acquiring a TH60. This acquisition allowed him to better serve the water well industry. However, John took it a step further, pushing the TH60 to its limits. He began drilling surface holes for larger oil and gas rigs, drilling as deep as 1500' on mud, one of the first to accomplish this in our region with such equipment. In 1982, John purchased a Bucyrus Erie 36L and ventured into drilling shallow oil wells in the Clinton formation. Success quickly followed as the oil boom was in full swing. However, the early '80s brought a sharp decline in oil prices, causing the industry to rapidly plummet.


In 1990, an auspicious encounter occurred when John's daughter, Susan, met a young driller named Todd Bromley in Akron, Ohio. Both Susan and Todd made life-altering decisions. They left their jobs, got married, acquired property, built a new home, welcomed a baby, and embarked on a new entrepreneurial journey with John and Dianna. Together, they entered the environmental and geotechnical market, laying the foundation for H.A.D. in 1994.

Starting with a CME 75 and two old oil field trucks, John, Dianna, Todd, and Susan set out to grow their business. In 1997, John's son, Jason, joined the crew, propelling their growth even further. Jason's passion for drilling water wells prompted the expansion into the field that ignited our journey back in the '60s.


As the 2000s unfolded, our arsenal expanded to include six auger rigs, two Geoprobes, a rotary drill, and a pump division. Our team flourished, comprising approximately 20 talented individuals. During this time, one of our suppliers affectionately dubbed us the "biggest company nobody had ever heard of." With gradual yet steady progress, we continued to build our company until the arrival of the Marcellus Shale came into play - This era marked our most significant growth spurt to date. Within a few short years, we quadrupled our fleet, we established five different companies, employing over 150 dedicated professionals. Despite this tremendous success, our unwavering commitment remained—to provide the same high-quality services and personalized experience we have always offered.


Following our path of growth, we warmly welcomed Wyatt, the son of Todd and Susan, to the team shortly after his high school graduation in 2016. Having previously worked in the oil and gas industry at our other company, Buckeye B.O.P., Wyatt joined H.A.D. to work on and operate our drilling rigs.

The industry brings its own set of challenges, including extended periods away from home, hectic schedules, and dynamic work environments. However, we are fortunate to have a team of experienced professionals who have been with us for over 20 and 25 years, providing a wealth of knowledge.

The name Greene pays homage to the man who inspired the visionary that started it all, Robert A. Hatfield. Robert's father was named Greene Hatfield, and with a name as unique as four generations of our family and their passion for the drilling industry, the name was simply undeniable. Greene represents our aspiration to establish a rental and services company that caters to your unique needs, helping you grow. Our goal is to offer top-notch equipment, granting you, the contractor, the flexibility to undertake any project your heart desires. We want to empower you to compete in projects that were previously beyond your reach. When it comes to drilling, our roots run deep—it's a way of life, and we intend to carry that with us into this next chapter.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is that experience runs deep with Greene. We bring not only decades of expertise but also a deep passion for the industry. When it comes to service, we believe in going above and beyond, ensuring that our commitment to you runs deep.

Service Runs Deep